A Pastor is a carer.  Is the cry of your heart, “Please help me!” Pastor also means shepherd. Jesus is the good shepherd and the greatest carer of all. Discover how much the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, loves you and can meet your every need.

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Pastor comes from Latin which means “Shepherd”. A shepherd is one who cares for a folk of sheep.  Nowadays, a Pastor is one who cares for, encourages and offers support to people with emotional, mental or spiritual needs.

We are seeking to answer your question: Who is a Pastor? The word “Pastor” is often used as a title to show his particular work or ministry. The person who does Pastoral care can be a Chaplain who visits patients in hospital, jail or other institutions. He is a spiritual guide appointed for sporting clubs, armed services, churches or schools.

By asking, “Who is a Pastor?” indicates to me that you may be seeking some sort of spiritual help. Please allow me to direct you to the Good Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Watch the video and discover how much the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, loves you and can meet your every need.