What men want. What men like


What do men want in a woman? What do men like in a women? What are the things men need? In this article in understanding men you may be shocked to discover that the greatest need is respect!

What men want / What men like

What do Men want in a Women?  If I asked you, or your friend, or your neighbor or pretty much anyone else on the planet what is mans greatest need? You know what the answer would be!

What Men Want – That’s right. Sex

It’s ubiquitous and we men love sex so much that we agree whole heartedly that it is indeed our greatest need in the hopes that we will get more of it. Is it really true though? I say no.

Before we begin let’s take a quick look at need. We need oxygen, water, food, clothing and shelter. These are the five basic survival needs that are the same all over the world.

I need a cup of tea in the morning. Believe me, this is a real need! But when looking at need by definition it’s not really a need is it? It’s more of a want or a desire because I can live without it.

There are men right now, all over the world that do not have sex and they still function in the world, they may be celibate for spiritual reasons, religious reasons or purely physiological reasons but they still function and they still survive. So does that mean sex is just a want or a desire for men similar to a cup of tea in the morning? No way, let’s just slow down a bit!

I believe sex really is a genuine need for men, I have no dispute there; it’s just the order of priority I have a problem with and if you’re going to understand your man a little better you need to know what I’m about to tell you.

Mans second greatest need is sex. Mans greatest need… drum roll please… is respect!

” R. E. S. P. E. C. T! ”

Respect shows him he is valued and he is worthy of the responsibility of manhood

It literally explodes inside him; it lifts his head and pushes out his chest. You can put courage into your man and become the catalyst he needs to launch his life. 

The world needs men desperately to roll their sleeves up and set about changing the world. Just look at the sheer number of fatherless children even in our own nation. Look at all the girls desperate for a father figure doing crazy things for boys in an effort to find their own worth. We need our men to rise up and be the fathers and husbands they were created to be. Giving your man more sex is not going to empower him for greatness.

The number one need is respect if a man is to become the champion that God wants him to be

Boy I hated saying that! Honesty really hurts sometimes! Seriously though, let’s look at this for a moment. If a man lacks respect he becomes a shadow of himself, his self worth is eaten away and his ego becomes emaciated. He becomes an empty shell, empty of desire, purpose and hope. Without sex he gets grumpy. See the difference?

We have discussed in previous articles how mans need is to be a problem solver, to ‘come through’ and how encouragement is like food for his soul. His ability to be all he can be and to become the confident, strong and able man that God has designed him to be is fuelled by the respect he can earn from the people close to him.

 Respect is empowering

When a man garners respect, especially from his wife, it provides an empowerment that drives him to do his best and be his best. When a woman truly respects her man it gives him a sense that he can do anything.

Now, at this point a little balance is required.  A man who is constantly craving female attention has a need that he is trying to satisfy in the wrong place. God is the only one who can ever truly meet your man’s needs.  Watch this short video and discover how God can meet your needs.

God has set the marriage relationship in place for a very good reason. Respect in a marriage empowers a man in a way that nothing else on earth can!

When a woman belittles her man, especially in front of other people it shatters him so deeply it’s hard to even articulate. It breaks him in a way that can sabotage his entire future!

 When she truly respects him for who he is, he will literally move any mountain to succeed

I can almost hear some of you thinking “There is actually nothing to respect when it comes to the man in my life”. It’s a sad truth that some of us men are totally unworthy of any true respect.

Some men are guilty of the most horrendous acts of cruelty and selfishness, so much so that respect for some of you may be such a big stretch from where you find yourself right now that it may seem impossible.

Here’s a tip that may help to get you started if you have one of those men. Respect his office. What I mean is that you can start by respecting the fact that he holds the position of husband.

Even if he doesn’t respect you! You respect him because of his title not his talent

It’s the lowest level of respect. The kind of respect you give to a police officer sitting at the bottom of a hill with a speed camera. You may not like what he is doing but you can still respect him as an officer of the law.

Your husband has been given a Godly role as husband. Start by respecting his office. As the journey progresses you will soon find things he does that you are able to respect. Then finally you may just find yourself being able to respect him for who he is. That’s the highest level of respect. It’s a journey you both go on together, it can be a long journey, filled with pot holes but it’s also one of the most fulfilling.

Now that you know your mans greatest need you can relax a little about that other need… if he’s a bit grumpy, try a little tenderness if you know what I mean, but more importantly, always remember that respect is not just a song for the ladies, it’s a favorite of the men too!

 Written by Mark Paul.

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