How do you find true love? Where can I find true love? Is there a special one chosen of God for me? In a true, free story about love see how God’s plan unfolded.


Bill looked forward so much to being with friends and family. “Jan, that roast lamb was amazing, you’re not just beautiful but a good cook as well! Sure you didn’t mean to marry the best looking twin?” Bill’s praises to his sister-in-law were as genuine as his dig at his identical twin brother Alan. It was a breath of fresh air for Bill to be himself around family.

Giving his brother a hard time was Bill’s way of letting Alan know he missed him. And being twins, the banter and bad jokes were of course reciprocated. After a perfect evening of home-cooked food, the prospect of turning in for the night on a comfortable bed – without a bed bug in sight – was very appealing.

True story – Bill’s twin played a part

“What time are you headed out in the morning?” Alan asked. “Well, I plan to give Jan plenty of time to make my sausage and egg breakfast and then hit the road by 9 a.m.” Bill replied with a wink to Jan. “I tell you what Bill,” Jan responded. “I’ll trade you a cooked breakfast for a favor. Since you’ll pass through Victor Harbour would you mind stopping by the Adelaide Bible College to say hi to a nursing friend of mine? She’s finishing up there this week.” “For you Jan dear, anything…but with a guaranteed breakfast, absolutely!”
A friend of Bill’s was delayed at the London airport and with time on his hands, thought of Bill and thanked God for leading Bill to his wife that day!

Adelaide Bible Institute

Bill pulled into the campus of Adelaide Bible College and approached a young woman exiting the building. “G’day, I’m looking for Wilma Hopkins, could you…” The words barely left his mouth and the lady turned “Wilma? Oh sure.” Hollering through the door, “Wilma, there’s a cute guy here to see you.” Bill, now a bright shade of red, tried to remain calm as he could hear Wilma shush the heckling as she walked out the doors.

Bill meets Wilma for the first time

“Hi, I’m Wilma,” came the response from the vivacious woman with a big smile. As calmly as he could muster, Bill set to deliver on his promise. “Hi, I’m Bill, I believe you know my sister-in-law Jan Watson. She asked me to send her greetings and congratulations on completing your schooling here.” “WOW, how sweet of Jan. I miss her. We were nursing together before she got married. How is she?” “She’s great, I was just with them a couple of days ago. Alan and Jan are looking to move to Mt Evelyn, here’s their information if you’d like to reconnect.”

“Thank you Bill for taking time to bring this by, I’m just getting packed up to leave but I’ll be sure to write to Jan as soon as I can.”

Wilma tried to down play the quick and courteous exchange with “the cute guy” to all her friends who teased her incessantly the rest of the day, for word within the college had quickly spread that Bill had been in Ethiopia and they were well aware of Wilma’s future goals.

Bill’s journey south

Uncomfortable obligations over, Bill reviewed the remaining destinations on his list. During Bill’s time in Australia the head of the mission had organized speaking appointments. Bill had borrowed no dream machine and he’d have his younger brother Colin take a look at the car over the holidays before returning it. It was getting late in the day and Bill had not eaten since breakfast. The internal debate on whether to stop for a bite to eat or refuel the car was reaching a climax. Rural Victoria had few options for either dining or service stations, so he would look for the next opportunity.

Feeling refreshed after a quick bite

Bill couldn’t help but admire the flock of galahs against the cloudless blue sky as he drove. “God, I’m amazed at how beautiful you created this landscape and I’m trusting you for every day.” Bill spoke in prayer like God was riding in the passenger seat.
The car gave a sputter as it crossed a pair of railroad tracks, rounded a bend and came to a stop. A pine tree wind break led to an orchard heavy with fruit and a clearing with a quaint white farm house. Bill walked up the front steps and was welcomed by the smell of homemade bread and jam.

The farm belonged to Donald and Dorothy Hopkins

The couples had a sincere love for Jesus and were thrilled to hear every detail of Bill’s mission work in Ethiopia. They looked forward for Bill to meet their friends and share with them also. Mrs. Hopkins had seven of her brood of nine married or away at school and just couldn’t see this undernourished bachelor leave her home without some good rest. Mr. Hopkins felt perhaps taking care of the lad was his contribution to missionary service, since God had called him to missions in his youth and had chosen the path of farming instead.

A invitation was extended

Whatever the motivation, Bill could hardly refuse the insistent invitation to return to the farm in Drumborg and celebrate the holidays with the Hopkins family after his final speaking arrangement was fulfilled in Geelong.

“Will you be taking the Great Ocean Road?” Mrs. Hopkins asked. “Yes, most likely,” Bill replied. “Would you mind on your way back picking up our daughter? She’s holidaying with some friends in Port Campbell and you’d be saving us a trip.” Mrs. Hopkins thought out loud. “I’d be happy too, Bill responded “It’s the least I can do.”

Details exchanged, refuelled and with a basket full of food for the road

Bill was ready to leave and eager to get his last meeting done so he could return to this warm home. Rest sounded so good. As he pulled away and the farmstead became the postcard in his review mirror, Bill smiled at the tenderness of God to take care of his every need.

The turnout at Geelong had been very encouraging

Bill had even received some pledged support for Ethiopia. Relief washed over him as he drove back along the Great Ocean Road, again marvelling at the majesty of the ocean cliffs and blue on blue horizon. The Port Campbell beach house was easy to find and Bill walked up to the open screen door to pick up the Hopkins’ daughter as promised. “Hello?” Bill called. The ability to recollect names was a gift Bill was grateful for, for a name was about all the speech he could muster in the shock of who came to the door. “Wilma Hopkins?”
“Hi,” Wilma responded, both pleasantly surprised and enjoying the coincidence. “It’s me, Bill – we met at Victor Harbour?” “Yes, of course. What are you doing here?” “Your parents asked me to pick you up.” “You’re my ride home?” The fun reunion of sorts was a catalyst for the re-telling of events of the past several weeks, the sharing of prayers prayed and the revelation of God’s sovereign hand in shaping two lives.

Just one hour into their two and a half-hour drive Bill announced, “I’m going back to Ethiopia in six months time, will you join me?” Both had a confirming peace that only God could have orchestrated their coming together. When Wilma said, “Yes”, Bill excitedly announced that he already had the engagement ring!

What could have been a two and a half hour drive lingered to three and a half as Bill and Wilma leisurely drove and rapidly fell in love, both feeling a confirming peace that only God could have orchestrated their “happy ever after” story.

True story!

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