Cartoon Presentation In Chinese

Cartoons in Simplified Chinese language helps people find love – God’s love and destiny. Cartoons in Simplified Chinese gives answers. 想从漫画中寻找帮助‚ 寻找爱情和命运‚ 漫画网络中有答案。Cartoons will help you find your destiny and become the person you were meant to be. 漫画网络的漫画能帮助你寻找你的命运‚使你变作你真正想成为的人。

Your destiny is your choice! The PDF is a presentation composed of cartoons linking to one another taking you through the necessary steps to help you make a wise choice. The reason why we chose cartoon pictures is because cartoons are a language everyone can understand and enjoy. In making a point some times words alone aren’t enough. A cartoon drawing communicates!

你的命运由你自己选择! 闪光漫画网络由一连串漫画展示‚ 引领你进入必须步骤而达致明智选择。 我们选择漫画图像的原因‚ 是因为漫画是一个人人能懂和喜悦的语言。 有些要点单靠文字不足表达‚ 而漫画绘图却恰可传达!

By using cartoon art we have sought to make spirituality simple and fun. Phil Spratt, the cartoonist comments, ‘It is said that cartoons cause people to laugh for 5 seconds and think for 5 minutes”. We trust the cartoon characters will help you do just that!

我们尝试使漫画美术展现灵性事物的精简和趣味‚ 漫画家腓˙西鲱在曾这样说: “<漫画能使人大笑五秒钟‚却沉思五分钟。” 我们深信漫画人物能帮助你做


There has to be more to life than this! Do you feel you are chasing money yet still feel unfulfilled? Lonely? Burdened? Missing something deep inside? There is an answer!

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“This website will help you find your destiny and become the person you were meant to be.” – Pop Artist, Guy Sebastian

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