Set free by breaking the power of the past


Set free by breaking the power of the past was created by Bill and Wilma Watson. It comes from their many years of experience of helping people find freedom in Jesus.

As a retired midwife, Wilma will show you the parallel between a physical birth and a spiritual birth.

When a baby is born, life begins when they take their first breathe. When you became a child of God, you were born of the Spirit of God. You received the Holy Spirits breathe of life.  At that point your spirit came alive!

After the baby has been delivered, the next step is to tie and cut the umbilical cord. This is equivalent, in the Spirit realm, to bringing a conclusion to the past. It cuts you off from that which ties you to your previous existence without Christ.

Do you feel trapped in a repeated pattern of behavior? Is there a burden in your life that you would like to be free from? You can experience freedom today! Watch this video and be set free from the power of the past:

Stream or download this 40 minute video, ‘Breaking the Power of the Past’ for free.

Perhaps you have landed on this page and all this Jesus’ talk is new to you!

We are told in the Bible that God is ready to give blessings to all who come to Him. Jesus heals broken hearts and sets free those who have been downtrodden, bruised and crushed by tragedy.  Jesus loves you. He sees your struggles and pain and longs for you to have a relationship with you and set you free.

Bill and Wilma have helped over 70 ex-prisoners and addicts find freedom in Jesus. Their lives have been completely transformed. Watch this video and discover how it began for them!

When you became a child of God, you were made right with God. You are now on an exciting journey, learning how-to walk-in obedience, in partnership and a loving relationship with Him.

Your journey will be made easier when you put off the baggage that trips you up. The baggage could be emotional, a secret habit, addiction, or a weakness.

You can live in victory as a child of God.  Read on in this free PDF

Breaking the Power of the past

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