Embracing and Sharing God’s Grace

This course can be found at breakfreetoday.org/amazing-grace.

Wilson – “This teaching is truly a game-changer.  I fully accept that God not only forgives me for all the things I have done wrong, but He no longer judges and condemns me.  My past sins have been totally erased!

I’m now able to forgive and release others as God has forgiven me.

It was very freeing when I chose to stop judging and blaming those who offended me.  I was also able to forgive and release myself from past failures and disappointments.

Loretta – “I agree Wilson. I had a major breakthrough in this powerful course. It was transforming!

It provided me with valuable insights on how to forgive and be released from the judgement and pain I felt having recently separated from my husband.

 I felt my heart was broken in small pieces.

 Jesus showed me through the teaching that he wanted to heal my broken heart and make me whole.

 Now that I have been healed, I can fulfill my passion to help other hurting people experience wholeness in every area of their lives.”

Kathy -“It was very liberating to identify inner shame and to be shown how to overcome my negative self-image.

I continually felt that I had to get life right. Deep down I believed that I was not good enough.

I learnt about generational shame and broke free, by renouncing that which bound me.

I now no longer feel I need to struggle for others approval and acceptance. 

I know without a shadow of doubt that I am totally forgiven, unconditionally loved, and accepted in Christ.”

Anita – “As a pastoral care worker in my church, I found the teaching very Bible based, easy to follow and life- changing.

Many Christians struggle with their self-worth and forgiving themselves and others. I have been able to apply what I leant in the course to set other’s free.”

Rudy- “I learnt simple steps on how to pray for my unsaved family and friends to know Jesus.

 I believe my prayers made a difference! They helped my mum be open to receive God’s love.

I was able to apply what I learnt on the course on how to lead someone to Christ. 

I showed my mum the way and she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Saviour. 

 I am so glad I did the course!”

Sarah – “We live in a broken world.

Every Christian should do this course as they will benefit from Wilma and Bill’s teaching and wisdom.

They will learn how to reach the broken and see them made whole.

The useful tools shared has really helped me feel equipped and more confident to share the love of God with others.”

Roda – “I wholeheartedly agree Sarah!

I longed to see others be born again, but I lacked the confidence as I wasn’t sure how to go about it.

The practical applications taught, have given me the confidence to identify hurting people’s needs.

Having heard their heart, I now know how to share an appropriate, encouraging Bible verse, lead them to the next step and show them how to find everlasting peace.

Wilson – Jesus calls every Christian to be fishers of men! We are to share the Good News with others and catch them for Jesus.

As a believer I used to feel guilty. I was good at showing Gods’ love and kindness to the hurting.  I felt a failure however for not been able to lead them to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

This course gave me non-threatening, practical steps on how to successfully lead people to Jesus!

I encourage you to guide a group using the free, downloadable videos, attend a course or go through the videos yourself. You will find them at breakfreetoday.org/amazing-grace.