Session Ten


If you want to fly, you need to break free from the stuff that weighs you down – your past losses

How to deal with past losses – Session Ten

How can I have a closer relationship with God?

This is the last of the teaching by Bill and Wilma Watson. It is the continuation of the previous session where they sought to answer the question, “How can I have a closer relationship with God?”

We have seen how to remove the baggage of inner shame, unforgiveness, unhealthy soul ties, and iniquities. We trust you have found the teaching life changing!

In this session they’ll continue to share reasons why we can struggle to get close to God.

In the previous session we saw two possible reasons why you struggle to relate to Father God.

  1. You see God through the eyes of your earthly father.
  2. You’ve built walls around yourself to protect yourself from being hurt, keeping not only others out, but God also.

Do you feel that you are not worthy of being loved by God? That God wouldn’t want to be bothered with you?

This could be the third possible reason why you struggle to get close to God.

3. You feel rejected and not worthy of God’s love and care

Rejection can either be covert (concealed and hidden – as in an inability of parents to communicate their love to the child, either verbally, physically or both) or overt (blatant and obvious – when one is told they are not wanted).

A person who feels rejection often reads rejection into a situation or conversation where none exists. He/she lives on the assumption that it is, “Not what you think I am, but what I think you think I am”.

Unless dealt with, the name of the game is “rejection – pass it on”.

Rejection in whatever form, causes some degree of self-hate, which can be defined as rejecting one’s self.

Rejection sabotages your future, stopping you from living out your potential.

Rejection affects who you are. It flows out of inner shame, making you feel unworthy of love.

In sessions 3 – 6, we talked about the outworking of inner shame and how to be free from it. So if you have missed those sessions, let me encourage you to go back and deal with inner shame, for shame and rejection build on one another.

Jesus endured rejection and shame when He died on the cross in order that we would have total acceptance with Father God.

So do not let life’s story define you because of rejection. Instead do what Beth Moore suggests:

“We’re going to have to let truth scream louder to our souls than the lies that have infected us.”
Let’s look at what the Bible says about you being worthy of God’s love and His acceptance of you.
From these Bible verses you can declare or decree the truth:

  1. I have been made right with God
  2. I am a very precious child of Almighty God.
  3. I am not a mistake. I have been chosen by God.
  4. My sins have been totally forgiven!
  5. I am not a reject. I am totally accepted by God.
  6. I can talk to God at any time.

The devil will seek to keep you believing the lie that your prayers will not be good enough in order to prevent you from praying.

Our 16 year old grandson had been praying for a new $1600 PC. To encourage him I felt to share with him how God answered his mum’s prayer.

When we returned home from spending several years in Ethiopia we had no money but God assured us that we would own our own home.

So Bill went to the bank and, in spite of the fact that we had no deposit and no fixed income, he was assured that if we had a certain amount in the bank for six weeks we could get a loan of a certain amount. (Miracle number one)

So at each meal we would pray as a family for the provision of our new home and each time at the end of the prayer, our six year old daughter would add, “And thank you God for a caravan.” In America it’s called a trailer.

Well, God supernaturally supplied the deposit for us and the day we signed up for our new home, my sister rang from interstate, not aware of our daughter’s prayers, offering us to look after her large caravan.

Having told the story to my grandson who was praying for a new computer, his comment was, “But that was you, nana.” In other words, “God hears your prayers nana, but I’m not sure about mine”.

“No” I quickly replied, “That was your mum when she was six”.

Don’t listen to the voice of the enemy that your prayers are not good enough.

Often we don’t have, because we don’t ask!

My grandson was amazed at how God answered his prayer. He shared with me: “While I was at school my laptop got caught on my chair and fell. As a result of the fall the glass on the screen got a small chip on the side. I enquired if the laptop could be repaired with the insurance and the outcome was that they gave me the money for a new one, which allowed me to buy my new PC and have some money over. And how good is this: I can still use my damaged laptop for school!”

Press play for audio and pray aloud with me or read on praying aloud:

Father God, thank You for loving me so much that You sent Jesus to die for me. Thank You for making me Your precious child.
Thank You for accepting me unconditionally and for making my spirit right with You. Thank You for making it possible for me to come into Your presence and talk to You with the assurance that You will hear and answer my prayers.

Please forgive me for listening to and believing the enemy’s lies. I renounce them now as well as all rejection. I choose to allow Your truth to set me free to receive Your love and acceptance and to love others with the same love that You have given me. In Jesus’ Name I ask it. Amen

We’ve been looking at why many know God’s love intellectually, but haven’t really experienced the depth of His love for themselves.

4. Could it be that you’re struggling to feel God’s love because your heart has been hardened or desensitized through life’s circumstances?

A person with a heart desensitized through trauma, can find sensing or feeling God’s love difficult.

When you’ve gone through a painful situation, you’ll either run to God for His love and comfort, or the devil will use it to make you feel distant from God, to keep you from reading His word, hearing Him, and praying to Him.

After Denym and Kate had teaching and prayer with us, they could hear God better. I remember the next day at church, Kate was having accurate words of knowledge for people for the first time. It was very exciting!

Another time a lady who had been through a horrific situation, rang me a few days after prayer, excitedly telling me how she heard from God for the first time.

She walked past a young man sitting forlorn in the shopping centre. God spoke to her and said, “Why don’t you see if that young man is OK?”

She went back and asked him if he was OK and he said, “What do you want to know for?” She said, “Because I felt God say to me to ask you if you are OK”. He began to cry and tell her how much he was hurting and she was able to share the love of God with him.

We all, at some point, have struggled with failures, disappointments and regrets in life.

Like the lady in the story, do you feel like your heart has been severely wounded? That you have been bruised, torn and fractured by someone or circumstances?

As part of the body of Christ, I want you to know that when you hurt, we hurt.

Jesus doesn’t look at our suffering with distant coldness. He entered our brokenness and felt it first-hand.

He (Jesus) took up our pain and bore our suffering.
Isaiah 53:4 (NIV).

Speaking of Jesus, the Bible says:

He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised.
Luke 4:18 (ASV).

A bruise is a reaction to a trauma

God in His love heals bruised, broken hearts – those who are downtrodden, crushed and broken down by calamity. Luke 4:18 (Amp).

Listen to God’s promise to you:
How does God heal a broken heart and bind up our wounds?

1. God can heal a broken heart by reaching down into our innermost being to comfort and restore our broken heart.

Broken hearts often occur when people feel rejected or criticised, leaving them traumatised with the feeling of “never being good enough”. Self-rejection is a huge player in a broken, wounded heart.

We regularly hear stories of broken hearts being healed by the power of the Holy Spirit; people who have been deeply rejected, abandoned, abused and suffered loss.

After prayer the healing can come when the wounded, broken-hearted person has come to understand God’s unconditional love and acceptance and if, at the same time, they are surrounded by love and security in their home.

On the other hand, the healing can be hampered when the wounded person’s partner or relative has also been deeply rejected and he or she is not able to provide respect, love and security in the home.

Healing can take time and be a journey for a broken, wounded person who hasn’t got respect, love and security in the home, so let me encourage you to go through all the teaching sessions, particularly the teaching and prayer for iniquities to break the curse of generational unforgiveness. (As you are one flesh, you can take accountability for the iniquity of your partner’s generation also).

The healing process for emotional wounds is the same as for physical wounds.

Wounds Need Cleansing

Blood keeps our bodies healthy by washing our systems and wounds clean. The blood of Jesus washes us clean from all sin.

Ask God to cleanse you as soon as you judge or react negatively, then extend grace by releasing and forgiving offenses.

You will need to draw upon the power of the Holy Spirit to enable you to love unconditionally as Jesus loves. God does not condemn you when you don’t get it right. He loves you and is with you to cheer you on!

Wounds Need Protection

Emotional wounds, like physical wounds, need protection from flies, infection, blows and friction. In other words, an emotional wound needs protection from the enemy’s attacks.

Connection with God and others is your protection. (A man, by God’s design and with His help, is enabled to provide security and show love to the woman. Likewise, a woman is enabled to show love and respect to the man.)

Sometimes you don’t feel protected in the home when security, love and respect are not given or received. Or you are alone in the home. Lean upon great Creator God, for He is with you to enable you to find your security and love in Him. Also, seek healthy support and love from friends.

Wounds Need Adequate Nutrition

Adequate spiritual nutrition is obtained by strengthening your inner being through reading the Bible and listening to Bible-based spiritual leaders.

Daily, read Bible verses aloud of the truth of God’s unconditional love, acceptance and security for you.

Wounds Need Adequate Rest

Emotional wounds need physical and spiritual care by setting boundaries so you are not abused and to be kind to yourself by getting adequate rest.

Create an atmosphere of rest in your home with praise and worship music. When necessary, forbid in Jesus’ name; rejection, self-rejection and an unloving spirit and then release the peace and love of God.

Jesus has promised to give you rest (Matthew 11:28). God really cares about you, so cast all your cares on Him, and see Him carrying them.

Wounds Need A Good Supply of Oxygen

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me… to bind up and heal the broken hearted … to set free those who are oppressed – downtrodden, bruised, crushed by tragedy. (Isaiah 61:1, Luke 4:18)

The Spirit of the Lord is your oxygen. Breathe in, and thank Him regularly for healing your wounded heart and for becoming more real to you than your pain.

Wounds Need Exercise For Good Circulation
Talk to Jesus as a friend (prayer). Renew your mind, by changing the way you think – replacing the lies you believe about yourself with the truth. This is your spiritual exercise which keeps your healing progressing.

Don’t give up! Like a physical wound that is covered, you can’t see what is going on under the cover. God sees! He knows your struggles and promises to restore you.

And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.
1 Peter 5:10 NIV.

2. God can heal a severely abused, damaged or fractured heart by giving a new heart.

This is another promise from Father God to you:

I’m going to give you a new heart, and I’m going to give you a new spirit within all of your deepest parts.
I’ll remove that rock-hard heart of yours and replace it with one that’s sensitive to me.
Ezekiel 36:26 (ISV).

I had a lady come for prayer from interstate who had been under police protection because they felt her life was in danger. Through constant abuse she had a traumatised, rock hard heart. She could relate to the wounded, torn heart that I showed her. Press play for video to demonstrate or read on.

Then I showed her what her new heart would look like according to the Bible verse we just read and as we saw in the video.

She leaned forward and asked. “Can I have it now?” A friend rang me the next day to thank me and say how the lady had been transformed.

She, in her simple faith, allowed the blood of Jesus to wash away all the painful memories within her traumatised heart and she received what God had promised – a new heart.

You too can receive from Jesus a new heart. It is His promise to you!

Before we close this session, I want to mention a loss that can leave a scar. Losing a little one, either through a miscarriage or abortion can be very traumatic.

I understand the pain as I lost a little one when I was a missionary.

I began to bleed while travelling on the rough roads in south west Ethiopia.
In order to stop the bleeding a mission nurse accidently gave me the wrong injection which, along with the rough roads, precipitated the loss of our baby.
I was able to get through the grieving process by forgiving the nurse. Bill and I named the little one and then I put my hands out and we offered the baby to God.

If you have lost a little one you can find release through prayer too.

Whether the loss is through an abortion or miscarriage, it is important in the healing process to name your little one. “Why is that important, Wilma?” The answer to that question is because, according to the Bible, our names are written in Heaven and in the Book of Life. (Revelation 3:5)

The Bible says in Luke 10:20:

Rejoice that your names are written in Heaven.

Pause and ask the Holy Spirit to show you what sex your baby was and give him or her a name. Then pray with me to offer the little one to God.

Are you ready to pray now? Press play for audio and pray aloud with me from the heart or read on praying aloud from the heart.

Please forgive me, Father God, for aborting my baby (or babies). I choose to forgive myself and will not hate myself or punish myself any longer.

I cut myself free from the mental images, place and mental pain of the abortion (or miscarriage).

I offer my baby/babies _____ (Baby’s name) ____ up to you, Father God.

I give you all my grief, guilt and shame and in exchange receive your forgiveness, love and acceptance.

All grief comes from a loss of something! Whether it is the loss of a loved one, a dream, job, relationship, virginity, possessions or reputation – whatever the cause of the grief, it can really hurt.

Having gone through a grieving process for whatever cause, there has to be a time when you choose to move on.

The Apostle Paul gave us the secret of moving ahead in Philippians 3:13 (NLT):

I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead.

Paul focused! When you focus, you make adjustments in order to see clearer. He focused on one thing – he focused on not looking back. He threw away his rear vision mirror! He could see that looking back would rob him of his peace and keep him from his full potential. That can easily happen to you and me as well if we look back and dwell on past regrets and disappointments.

Make a choice today to give your wounded, desensitized heart to God, and then to not look back.

Are you ready to let go of your past hurts?

You may have to listen to it over and over until you get it into your spirit that Jesus, in His love, was rejected and took your sorrows and pains (Isaiah 53:4) upon Himself for you to be made whole.

Let’s pray. Press play for audio and pray aloud with me or read on praying aloud.

I choose to forgive and release all those who have hurt me in the past. I forgive and release anyone in authority who has spoken negative words over me or about me.
I choose today to forgive myself and release the pain and guilt of poor decisions.
I forgive all those who tried to change who I am by making me feel I was not good enough and that I had to change to be accepted.
Thank You, Jesus, for your shed Blood that washes my conscience clean from painful memories, past disappointments and regrets. (Hebrews 9:14)

Now sit back and relax and allow the Holy Spirit to minister healing as I pray for you. Press play for audio.

Lord Jesus, come as the Prince of Peace and fill me with your peace.

God of all comfort, whose steadfast love never ceases, thank You for sending Jesus who bore my griefs and carried my sorrows and pains in order that I can be restored to wholeness.

Thank you, Jesus for forgiving me and that Your Blood has answered Satan’s accusations and that they have now been silenced.

And every legal right of the demonic to accuse me has been removed and erased. I take authority, in the Name of Jesus, and disconnect every power of darkness that has gained access for the purpose of keeping me locked in trauma and preventing me from fulfilling my God-given destiny.

I reject and release all negative emotions, particularly self-rejection. I reject and release destructive cellular memories that have kept my body trapped in trauma.

In Jesus’ Name, I take authority over trauma and command it to leave. I release all the effects of feeling abandoned, cut off, rejected, disappointed, disillusioned, confused and afraid.

For every time people have not lived up to their word, in fact they have done the very opposite. Every time I have been cheated on, felt judged, criticized, taken advantage of, or called a name, lied about and dishonoured – I choose to let it all go now!

I thank you, Father, for restoring my traumatised central nervous system and for bringing neurological imbalances into divine order.

In Your Name and by the power of the Holy Spirit, I cut off and defuse the neurological link between the memories of the trauma and the emotional reactions of the event.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for giving to me new neurological pathways of love, peace, acceptance and safety.

And thank You for opening the eyes of my heart to see how much You love me and for helping me take hold of my new heart filled with Your love.

Thank You, Holy Spirit, for bathing my entire body with Your oil and for pouring Yourself into every area where the trauma has left.

In Jesus wonderful Name I ask it. Amen

We have sought in this teaching to help you discard emotional baggage.

Having renounced and cast off the baggage, the Bible encourages you to:

Clothe yourself with the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. Romans 13:14a (NLT).

How do you clothe yourself or as some translations say, “put on the Lord Jesus Christ”? When you “put on” or “clothe yourself” with the Lord Jesus Christ you are putting on His presence, His love.

1 Corinthians 13:1-13 Jesus’ love enables you:

  • To accept situations without getting annoyed or reacting.
  • To be kind, always being concerned for the other person.
  • To honor others, always finding something good to say to them and about them.
  • To not be arrogant and demanding.
  • To not respond negatively.
  • To let go of wrongs and not take offence when given.
  • To choose to believe and think the best about people.

What a difference it would make in the world if only we were all clothed with the love of Jesus

The question is can we all experience that kind of love? The answer is ‘YES’. Jesus longs to clothe you with His love and presence!

Place your hands out to receive more of His love. Press play for audio and pray aloud with me if it is the cry of your heart or read on, praying aloud:

Gracious Father, thank You for loving me as much as You love Your own Son.

I want to love You more and become more loving and compassionate toward others, so they will see Your unconditional love expressed through me and be drawn to You.

Immerse me in the Your marvellous love, saturate my soul with Your presence and power so I’ll be deeply rooted in You.

I ask it in Jesus’ name. Amen

Let me encourage you to receive Jesus’ love and power as you would a gift. Enjoy and thank Him daily for His love. Having experienced God’s love, you will find you will want to remain in His love and share it with others.

This is the conclusion of the teaching on how to break free from emotional baggage.

Be sure to download the teaching so that you can listen to it over and over again.