Session One


If you want to fly, you need to break free from the stuff that weighs you down – your doubt

Session One


Bill and Wilma Watson want to help you break free from emotional baggage.

Their teaching comes from years of experience as they’ve seen many healed and set free.

Throughout the teaching sessions, they will prove to you from the Bible that the fight has been won by Jesus when He died on the Cross and rose again. They will help you take hold of the victory that is already yours!

It may surprise you to learn that about 70% of people who come to us for prayer do not have assurance that they will go to Heaven when they die.

Therefore, in this first of eleven sessions we’ll answer the question, “How can I be sure I’ll go to Heaven?”

We can be sure that we will go to Heaven when we die! You can be sure that you are God’s precious, loved child and that you will be with Him for eternity. We have shown hundreds of people, from the Bible, how they can be sure that they are part of the Kingdom of Heaven. Watch this video:

In the remaining ten sessions we will teach you how to put off whatever it is that is keeping you from enjoying all the wonderful things God has for you. If you found it difficult to receive Jesus’ love and forgiveness in this session, don’t give up, be sure to continue to go through the sessions for we will explain possible reasons why people find it hard to receive and experience God’s marvellous love.

How do I break free from chronic fear and anxiety?


Can’t wait to see how you can be free from inner shame? Go to:

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How can I be sure I’ll go to heaven?
Why am I so stressed?
Why am I sometimes depressed?
How to stop being so hard on myself  
How break free from a low self-worth
How do I let go of past hurts
How to break free from bad relationships
How to break free from family weaknesses
How to remove self-defense walls?
How to deal with a past loss

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