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These sayings about life that will inspire you and you can live by. Enjoy the collection of quotes from the heart.

A collection of sayings  – thoughts and observations about principles, purpose, people and priorities.

Sayings And Quotes From the Heart on Priorities

Being rightly related is more important than being right.

Your values are more important than your valuables.

The people impacted by the plan are more important than the plan.

Attitude is more important than aptitude.

The size of your heart is more important than the size of your home.

Meaningful relationships are more important than meaningless things.

Listening with your heart is more important than listening with your head.

The relational value of a meal together is more important than the nutritional value of that meal.

The days ahead of you are more important than the days behind you.

The wisdom you leave your children is more important than any wealth you might leave them. The lives you affect are more important than the things you collect.

What you do with your gifts and talents is more important than what gifts and talents you have.

How those around you rate your character is more important than how your bank rates your credit.

Understanding and acceptance are more important to your spouse than agreement.

A heart at peace is more important for your health than a handful of prescriptions.

Sayings about life and quotes are from our daughter’s father in law. Jerry E. Tobias. Thanks Jerry for your collection of thoughts and observations about life.

Trust you have enjoyed the sayings about life, quotes and sayings. Did the sayings about life inspire you? Did you enjoy the collection of quotes from the heart  – the wise quotes and sayings about life?

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