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It’s a romantic true love story that will inspire you. A free, true romantic story that is all about romance. A story that shows God’s plan for two to meet.

A romantic true love story – Part two


Decision made. Bill returned to the departure gate to await his boarding call, a new watch on his wrist and a modest white gold diamond ring in his coat pocket close to his heart.
Music, laughter, the sizzle of the BBQ and the occasional bomb dive in the pool followed by the squeal of the ladies sun bathing on the sidelines… the day had all the ingredients for a perfect graduation party. When Steve approached Wilma at the punch bowl and gently directed her to some deck chairs in the shade and on the outskirts of the commotion, Wilma didn’t think anything of it. She had enjoyed many conversations and mild flirtations with Steve over the past year.

“Wilma, are you going home tomorrow to celebrate the holidays with your family?” Steve asked. “No, actually some of the girls and I are going to Port Campbell to spend a week at the beach. But after that I’ll be home,” Wilma casually answered.

It seemed odd to Wilma that Steve was distracted and sober as he spoke of plans of traveling home the next morning. “Something on your mind Steve?” Wilma probed. “Actually yes,” Steve began. “I’ve been praying a lot about my future. The bottom line is I would really like to spend it with you.”

The rest of the sentence trailed off as Wilma’s dance around the reality of marriage and her future abruptly ended in this head-on “reality check.” As Steve continued on what he thought was God’s plan for him and how that included Wilma, a flood of emotions bombarded her. For sure she heard about every third word until Steve came to the punch line. “I really believe you are the one for me. How would you feel about growing our relationship and moving to Adelaide to be my wife?”

Steve, now red-faced from lack of oxygen and talking so fast, finally breathed and took notice of a somewhat shocked Wilma looking back at him. After what seemed like endless minutes of silence, Steve took Wilma’s hand. “Wilma?” he said looking into her eyes.

It was now Wilma’s turn to remind herself to breathe. She looked into Steve’s serious face and knew this was not something she could brush off in laughter and gaiety. She felt flattered and romanced; this handsome man was inviting her to join him and all the perks of big-city life in Adelaide.

Trying to get a grip on her emotions, Wilma prayed a quick SOS to God. Steve could have chosen any girl and he’d chosen her. Wilma returned Steve’s attentive look with a smile. “Steve, I don’t know what to say,” the moment the words left her mouth Wilma heard a whisper in her mind, “Ask if he’d be prepared to work and live in Ethiopia.”

Again the prompting came, “Ask him about Ethiopia.” “Steve, you’re a great guy and any girl here would jump at such an offer. But I need to ask you something,” Wilma’s heart was beating so loud she could barely focus. Was she about to blow this proposal? “Sure Wilma, you can ask me anything,” Steve answered. “Do you see yourself living and helping the needy in Ethiopia?” Wilma asked.

Somewhat shocked at the relevance of the question, Steve remembered hearing Wilma talk of Ethiopia before but thought his proposal was a solution that could afford her the opportunity to send money to help those in need. “Well, no. I know how much Ethiopia means to you, but we could send money to help the needy.” His answer was honest and also clarifying.

“Sorry Steve, we can’t pursue a relationship, I know God has a purpose for me that includes nursing and helping people in Ethiopia.” It felt like a huge door slammed. Awkward silence followed and as Steve kissed Wilma’s cheek and left, Wilma made a beeline for another drink and a group of friends to distract her from the second guessing and questioning…what have I done?
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