As God’s children, let us strip away the works of darkness, removing our sinful deeds like filthy clothes: Romans 13:12 encouragement: “Let us then drop (fling away) the works and deeds of darkness”. And Hebrews 12:1 tells us to, “Throw off any extra baggage, get rid of the sin that trips us up”.

Have you at any time, been associated with, involved in, watched or read any of the following?

Distorted truth

  • Occultic games and activities (Ouija board, tarot cards, crystal ball, wicca, magic, Witch Tok, occultic literature, movies, TikTok videos, music, objects etc.)
  • fortune telling (tea leaves, palm reading, crystal ball, tarot cards, etc.)
  • psychic experiences: (participated in mind control, psychic healing, readings, games, clairvoyance, astral projection, consulted a medium, involved in white or black witchcraft etc.)
  • cult, false religions: (visited a temple and prayed to their gods, had a spirit guide, idol worship, Freemasonry, New Age thought and practices etc.)

May be a lot of the things in this list aren’t relevant to you.  Anything that is not relevant just put it aside.  You are going to renounce the things that God shows you that you have been involved in. That which has taken hold in your life and the lives within your family. This way you not only set yourself free but also your family.

Sexual iniquity

  • lust
  • promiscuity
  • adultery
  • the attraction to the same sex
  • confusion regarding gender identity
  • premarital sex
  • incest
  • pornography
  • bestiality
  • illegitimacy
  • abortions
  1. Behavioural iniquity;
  • emotional, physical and sexual abuse
  • blasphemy
  • addictive patterns of smoking
  • alcohol
  • gambling
  • robbery
  • video games
  • social media
  • drugs

Emotional iniquity

  • shame, self-hate, guilt,
  • grief, abandonment
  • trauma/fragmentation
  • control, manipulation
  • rejection, depression
  • anger, unforgiveness
  • bitterness, fear, anxiety
  • paranoia, jealousy, pride
  • unbelief, doubt

Curses of iniquity

  • word curses
  • being accident prone
  • repeatedly robbed financially
  • barrenness
  • divorce
  • family alienation
  • injustice
  • the loss of advancement
  • premature death

Then there is physical generational iniquity which includes all genetic disorders resulting in related diseases and conditions – medical patterns in your family line.

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