Prayer to forgive offences


A prayer to forgive offences from the heart.

Lord Jesus, I want to be free from pain that has kept my heart bound and made me feel distant from You.

Help me, Lord Jesus, to learn to forgive in the way You have forgiven me and make me whole.

As an act of my will and in obedience to Your Word, I choose to forgive and release ________names_____ and will no longer judge or blame them for their actions, or words spoken against me.

I choose to forgive and release myself from all judgements and blame. I choose also to not be angry with myself, hate myself, or punish myself any longer.

Father God, please forgive me for blaming you for the things that have happened to me. Forgive me for judging You and others and allowing bitterness to take root. I am so sorry!

Thank you, Jesus, that Your blood has wiped my sin record totally out and I am free from all guilt and condemnation.

Father, fill me with Your love. I want to think the best and not keep records of wrong. I choose now to bless those who have done me wrong, and I ask that You richly bless them also. Amen

Trust you have been released as you prayed this prayer to forgive offences from the heart. Forgiveness is the first step to wholeness.

Healing your wounded heart is the next. Be sure to watch the first two videos called, Embracing and Sharing God’s Grace:

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