A prayer for your family using your God given authority.

Jesus, I am eternally grateful to You for defeating the powers of darkness when you died and rose again.

I humbly surrender in obedience to You and declare, that according to Your Word, when I resist the devil, he will flee.

I repent of all sins and iniquities, known and unknown, within my family members.  Thank you, Jesus, for washing us clean with Your precious blood and removing satan’s legal right to keep my family in bondage.

I take the keys delegated to me and in Jesus’ name, close the door and lock out the enemy, forbidding him from entering our home.

I lock out and forbid every familiar spirit and worldly compromise, the enemy’s lies, deception and plans to rob our children of their God given identity and destiny.

 I close the door of our home to pride, rebellion, and unbelief. I put a stop to confusion, fear, anxiety, contention, strife, disease, and sickness.

I take the keys delegated to me and in Jesus’ name, I unlock and open the door, to permit and welcome the presence and power of the Holy Spirit into our home. 

I open the door for every family member to love and serve Jesus wholeheartedly and for the fruits of the Spirit to be evident in every area of our lives.

I open the door to the Holy Spirit’s presence and power to bring restoration of estranged relationships and for every family member to be made whole, emotionally and physically.

Thank you, Jesus, for the victory. In Your name I ask it, Amen