Living Free Videos


Living Free Videos – God’s Path to Freedom

Living Free series consists of 10 short 12 minute videos to help you understand from the Bible how much God loves and accepts you and wants to have a daily relationship with you.

How life is like a journey.
This is the 1st of 10 videos, helping you to become all that you can be. We are all on a journey of life, because life is like a journey. This video will help you find inner peace as you navigate life’s journey and be sure of your final destiny.
How to walk in the freedom God has given you.
This 2nd of 10 videos will help you daily walk in God’s freedom of love and acceptance and enjoy all the good things he has for you.
How to develop a loving relationship with God.
This 3rd of 10 videos will answer the question, ‘What is prayer?’ It will help you find real freedom in a childlike faith that completely trusts in God’s love and acceptance through prayer.
How to pray and get answers to your prayers.
This 4th of 10 videos will answer the question, ‘What makes prayer work?’ You will learn how the Holy Spirit empowers you to pray; without doubt, in line with what pleases God and with your God-given authority.
How to trust God to take care of you.
This 5th of 10 videos will answer the question, ‘What is faith?’ Faith is believing that I am loved and accepted by God and he wants to answer my prayers. You will learn how to trust in God’s ability to take care of you each day.
How God’s love and faith work together.
In this 6th of 10 videos, you will learn that faith works through love! If we had a full revelation of God’s love for us it would put our fears to rest, and draw us into a greater desire to trust him.
How to overcome weaknesses.
In this 7th of 10 videos, you will learn how God sent Jesus to bless you and set you free from sin’s power and bad habits. Do you feel trapped by a destructive pattern? You can find freedom today!
How to be released from offences.
In this 8th of 10 videos, you will learn how to be released from offences and have your wounded heart healed. Is there someone who has deeply hurt you? Then discover how you can be released from the pain by handing the offender over to God, the righteous judge.
How freedom comes by embracing truth.
In this 9th of 10 videos, you will learn how to remove wrong mindsets or attitudes that have a strong hold in your mind. Incorrect thinking patterns can prevent us from receiving and enjoying God’s best.
How others can embrace the truth.
This is the last of 10 videos. God wants everyone to know the truth. In this video you will learn how Satan has put a veil over unbeliever’s minds, preventing them from embracing the truth. Discover how you can pray and use God’s mighty weapons to remove this veil, so they can have a personal relationship with God too.
Trust you have found the Living Free videos helpful! Embracing and Sharing God’s Grace: