How to remove something that has a strong hold in your life?


A stronghold is something that has a strong hold on your life. How do you change a mindset or remove something that has a stronghold on your life?  Watch this teaching video that will show how to change mindsets and remove strongholds that keep you from receiving all that God has for you.

 A stronghold is anything that has a strong hold on your life.  How can I be free from strongholds and mind sets?

Can you recognise what is a stronghold in Tom’s life?

Tom, a man in his mid-twenties and a college student seeks your help over a problem which he says is beyond his control.  He claims that he fails at everything – college studies, relationships with the opposite gender, pleasing his parents (especially his father) and many other things.

Tom confesses to have a huge dislike of his father who is a retired army officer

Tom’s father, although he has never opposed Tom’s decision to enter college, often ridicules him for his faith.  This greatly irritates Tom, and he tells you that if it were not for the deep affection he has for his mother he would never go home during the mid-term breaks.

A silence ensues after which Tom says: “If only I could get on good terms with my father, I think that would be the major step towards being set free from my other problems.  I am disturbed about the growing sense of anger within me towards my father.  If things don’t get better I am going to have to drop out of college.  There are too many ‘foxes’ spoiling the vine.”

How did you go?  What do you feel was Tom’s major stronghold?  Rejection?

In this video you will learn how to deal with strongholds and mindsets.

Trust you discovered how to remove the things that have a stronghold on your life and how to change mindsets that keep you from receiving all that God has for you?

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