How do you become a child of God? Bill and Wilma have led hundreds to the Lord using a simple, yet amazing method that assists people through the most important decision in life.

Tony was looking for something to help him lead others to Christ!

Tony found the PDF on ‘How to become a child of God’ on Wilma’s website and placed it on his mobile.  Then, while driving his 8-year-old son to school, the child noticed the PDF on Tony’s phone and asked, “What is this dad?”  Tony explained it. Then the boy asked his dad if he could pray the prayer. The son, forwarded the PDF to himself and led five of his friends to the Lord that day. You can do the same!

Free short presentation

Free download: For you to view the short presentation, ‘How to become a child of God’ and use when the opportunity arises.

Share: SMS or email a friend so they can download the free PDF too.

Store: Store on your mobile for optimal use.

Child’s edition: Download the presentation, ‘Jesus is our greatest treasure’ to help children be adopted into God’s family.

Different languages: Go to the bottom of the home page for a cartoon presentation of the gospel in several languages.

Free downloadable decision cards

PDF free printable decision card, ‘How to become a child of God’.

JPEG front of decision card
, ‘How to become a child of God’.

JPEG back of the decision card, ‘Praying to become a child of God’.

Using God’s Word – Steppingstones for Life

This is another tool Bill and Wilma sometimes use when someone feels that they have no need of forgiveness. The Word of God will help them understand their need and the way of salvation.


Ideal for new Christians: