Hope in hopeless times – help me Lord Jesus


Hope in hopeless times! The word ‘hope’ for many means ‘wishful thinking’. The word ‘hope’ in the Bible is different. There is hope in God’s promises.

Is the cry of your heart, ‘Help me Lord Jesus?” Help me Lord to learn what to do when discouraged – discouraged from a weakness that is stopping me fulfilling my dreams and desires. Watch this free short video called,  ‘Living Free’ and discover how Jesus paid the price to set you free from a weakness, addition and curses.

What do you do when unbelief and discouragement overtakes you and you need some encouragement?

Build your faith through reading the promises of God

Ask the Lord to help you read the Bible (particularly the Psalms) until He impresses a Scripture on you strongly and there is a burning conviction within you regarding your situation. “To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see” (Hebrews 11:1). I have been in many situations where I have had to depend on the promises of God to help me see a break through!

Give God exuberant praise for the area that you are struggling with

The dark cloud over your life can’t stay when you are celebrating God’s goodness! There is hope! You can break free today!

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