This teaching is on spiritual heart conditions. It will show you how to watch over your spiritual heart. You will find spiritual wholeness and be equipped to minister to others.

In the course, ‘Embracing God’s Grace’, we sought to love Jesus with all our heart, soul and minds as we examined a wounded and fearful heart (

In this session you will learn about three more spiritual heart conditions and how to be set free from them:

  • a desensitized heart – understand sexual and emotional unhealthy soul ties.
  • a hardened heart – learn how a hardened heart affects your ability to clearly hear and see in the Spirit.
  • a doubting heart – discover how a fragmented, double-souled person can be made whole.

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A prayer to remove a desensitized heart and be free from pornography

Thank you, Jesus, for setting me free from the entrapment of pornography. Please forgive me for committing adultery by looking at women lustfully. Take my hard, desensitized heart and give me a pure heart and mind.

I choose to forgive and release myself for being deceived, unfaithful and silencing my conscience. Jesus, I give you all my guilt and shame. Thank you for loving and accepting me unconditionally.

Lord Jesus, I give myself completely to You. In Your name, Jesus, I renounce any place in my life, where I or my ancestors, have opened a door to pornography.

In Jesus’ name, I take authority, smash down the images and command all unclean spirits to leave. Holy Spirit. thank you for filling me afresh, quenching my thirsty soul and for making me whole. Amen

Step out from under the control of another person. A prayer to break free from inappropriate relationships.

Lord Jesus, please forgive me for forming ungodly and unhealthy relationships. Forgive me for having sex outside marriage, I acknowledge this as sin.

I give you all my guilt and shame and in exchange receive your forgiveness and acceptance. I cut myself free and renounce the covenant of this “one flesh” union. I break the mental images that have kept me connected to them.

Where I have been a victim of control, I choose to forgive and release them. I step out from under their control and influence and release those whom I have controlled.

I draw back to myself every part which has been wrongfully tied in bondage to them in my mind, emotions and will and ask you to cleanse me and restore my soul.

In Jesus’ name, I break and sever all unhealthy soul ties. The assignment of all evil spirits attempting to keep me in bondage and command all unclean and controlling spirits to leave now. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Do you have a soft, sensitive heart? A prayer for a hardened heart.

Father God, please forgive me for judging and criticizing others. And for feeling that I am better than them. Remove the veil from my eyes and ears that I will hear You and see in the Spirit more clearly. I want to remember Your promises and love You with all my heart.

Lord Jesus, I surrender to You, my hard heart and self-righteousness. Thank you, for giving me a tender, responsive, sensitive heart that loves and obeys you.

Empower me to fulfil my God-given destiny. I pray as the Apostle Paul prayed; that the eyes of my heart would be flooded with light, so that I will have a revelation of my God-given destiny and experience the wealth of Your glorious inheritance. In Your name I ask it. Amen.

A prayer for your doubting heart and to be made whole

Thank you, Jesus, for dying to make me whole. I ask You to come as the Prince of Peace, fill me with Your peace and make me whole today.

I choose to forgive and release the offenders _____(name them)______. I will no longer judge or blame them for their actions or negative words spoken over me.

Forgive me for where I have been hard on myself. I renounce all lies that I have believed about myself and ungodly vows that I have made in the past.

Lord Jesus, I completely surrender to You. In Your name, Jesus, Irenounce any place, where I or my ancestors, have opened a door to the evil one, allowing him to produce trauma in my life. I take authority over every power of darkness, known or unknown, that has locked me in trauma.

Thank you, Jesus, for Your promise to heal my broken heart. Holy Spirit come and bathe each hurting part with Your healing oil. Wash my conscious and subconscious mind with Your blood and set me free and make me whole. 

Heal and bring into divine order my mind, brain and body from all the effects of trauma. Heavenly Father, I give to You my shame, guilt, rejection and abandonment. Thank You for Your unconditional love and acceptance.

Father God, send Your consuming fire and break down the walls and chains that have kept me bound in this prison. Please send Your ministering angels to lift me out of the entrapment and make me whole. Thank you, Jesus!

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