Healthy choices produce a healthy life


Want a healthy life? A healthy life comes by making healthy choices. Make a healthy choice to be healthy today by learning how to maintain a healthy balance.  Unhealthy food, like fast food, combined with stress can have long term consequences.

I was prompted to write this article having followed a story on television recently on fast food addiction. The presenter stated, “Families are on a fast food frenzy driving a multi-billion dollar increase in how much we spend on takeaways every year.”

Several were interviewed and many shared that they ate fast food five days a week. The reason given was that they loved the taste and convenience of takeaway food. According to a health expert, “Eating takeaway food five days a week is nurturing a dangerous addiction, because the high flavors, salt and sugar content in fast food is addictive.”

Opting to having food prepared for you in preference to cooking is s tempting!

I usually don’t enjoy the mundane preparation of a healthy meal.  Doing what we know is beneficial in the long term, but not necessarily enjoyable, is often the challenge. The saying “You are what you eat” means that the food one eats has a bearing on one’s state of mind and health.

Let me suggest that not only the food that one eats but also negative thoughts can have a bearing on one’s state of mind. Just like having too many takeaways, allow stress and negative thoughts to consume you regularly and you will not benefit in the long term.

None of us like pain and all of us would try to avoid pain if we had a choice. We would choose something that would bring pleasure.

In our society today we can reach for a pill, use a credit card, get involved in an enjoyable activity or grab a prepared meal in an attempt to avoid pain. But avoiding stress can be challenging as we daily face life’s pressures.

Healthy choices = Healthy mind = Healthy body

It has been well said that, “Man’s thinking determines what he does.  Man’s thinking determines who he becomes.”

Wrong Mindsets and stress can affect your health

Stress can not only affect our bones and bloodstream, but can also bring an imbalance of the adrenal hormones.

In their book ‘Healing the Wounded Spirit’, John and Paula Sandford (1985:437) cite Dr. Simonton (Getting Well Again), medical Director of the Cancer Counselling and Research Centre in Texas, as saying that:

“Psychological stress on the physical body results in an imbalance of adrenal hormones which in turn creates greater susceptibility to carcinogenic substances, and finally results in suppression of immune activity, increase of abnormal cells, and cancerous growth.”

Keep a healthy balance

The secret is to maintain a balance in life. Takeaways and stress are part of our lives, so why not consider following the television presenter’s suggestion of the 80/20 rule (have 80% good – 20% not as good)?  Make a healthy choice and watch how you think and what you eat in order that it doesn’t affect your future!

Make a wise choice

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