Growing old can be challenging. This growing old poem will inspire you. We can’t hold off ‘Father Time’, but we can not slow down the aging process and grow old without growing old. So what’s the secret to staying and looking younger? Let me share with you my secrets on how to grow old without growing old.

Poem about aging gracefully

by Bill Watson

Plus My Inside Secrets on How to Grow Old Without Growing Old

The market’s full of creams and lotions
To help us with the very notion

That with them we can stay young
And continue to make life fun

‘Anti-aging’ is a misnomer of sorts
So let me give you my thoughts

The aging process must be embraced by all
We’ll all die no matter how tall

Creams and lotions just help our outward gain
They do not deal with emotional pain

I believe what goes in must come out
You’ll prove it too without a doubt

If you allow stress to rule your life
And live with continual strife

Despite the creams your face will show
And deep within, your peace will go

If you go through life making wrong choices
You will be troubled by disturbing voices

Anti-aging supplements won’t help your case
You need to ask God for his saving grace

God will help you become an inspiration
And make your final destiny a celebration

My Inside Secrets on How to Grow Old Without Growing Old

  1. Grow old without growing old – I have found a sense of meaning and purpose to life

The National Institute of Mental Health focused on measuring hormones and neurochemicals among the U. S. Army Special Forces and U. S. Navy Seals while performing research and found that people with a ‘set of core beliefs that are not easily shattered, who exhibit strong faith or spiritual beliefs,’ are more resilient. What’s more, when people look for meaning in their lives, they seem to get a boost in immune function that may keep them healthier.

I believe that only in God, our creator, can we discover the true meaning and purpose for life. Without God, life makes no sense. God created me and you for a purpose. The Bible says God is love and wants to express his love through us. We matter to God. He will not only give meaning and purpose to life but help you and I take control of our future.

A short video will show you how.

2. Grow old without growing old –I seek to live for others

It’s well known that advertisements are geared to meet people’s felt needs. It’s all about YOU. But I believe the greatest joy mankind can get is in helping and giving to others. At the moment I am working one day a week mentoring a group of teenagers to prepare them for the work force. I get a lot of enjoyment out of helping other people reach a new level.

By helping just one person it can have a rippling effect. Forty years after I helped a 17 year old girl gain a personal relationship with Creator God, she wrote to thank me and sent a photo of her extended family. “All 46″ she writes, “have developed a personal relationship with God. My life was changed forever because you took the time to talk to me that day”. I have helped thousands of others reach a new level. To me, it makes life worth living.

3. Grow old without growing old – I love to pray to God

I have proved this Bible verse to be true, “Whoever loves me, I will save. I will protect those who know me. They will call to me, and I will answer them. I will be with them in trouble; I will rescue them and honor them. I will give them a long, full life, and they will see how I can save.” (Psalm 91:14-16)

Life is full of challenges and it is so good to rely on a great God who answers your prayers. I have had many prayers answered. Like the time I asked God for a wife!

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