Gold Coast Healing Rooms

Gold Coast Healing Rooms is a confidential, safe place for all people to come and receive one on one prayer to the only True, Creator God.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
I’m tired of feeling tired.  I’m tired of the stress of juggling money, marriage, parenting, home­making, and a career all at the same time. The more I stress, the worse I feel. In fact I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!
“Sorry for being so negative, but I’m just telling you how I feel,” I explained. Those at the Gold Coast Healing Rooms were very understanding. They listened, so I went on.
It hasn’t always been like that. Life was good! I had what most Australians dream of – a wonderful husband, two healthy, intelligent children, a dream home and a good job.  Last year though we made a bad financial decision and my world came tumbling down. We lost our home and the stress of it all has affected my health.
I was shown how I could be affected emotionally and physically by not releasing myself and the one who hurt me in forgiveness.  I was amazed; the pain in my body went as soon as I forgave myself and the person who stole our money!
It was explained to me that stress is like carrying a heavy load around all the time.  I had to release the load and give it to God.  I had to release my finances, husband, children, and job over to God for him to help me.
I prayed, with the help of Bill and Wilma, and I gave all my stress and concerns over to God.
Within a few days I saw God’s hand at work. Hope had returned and I was on the way back!
Can you relate to this lady’s stress? God wants to take your stressful, heavy load and help you too! Someone is waiting to pray for you at the Gold Coast Healing Rooms.

Gold Coast Healing Rooms
Bill and Wilma Watson are the Directors of Gold Coast Healing Rooms.  They were missionaries in Ethiopia where they saw many answers to prayer.  After returning back to Australia they taught thousands nationally and internationally on prayer.

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