How can I feel better? Help me feel better!


Helping you feel better! Is the cry of your heart, “How can I feel better?” In this article you’ll discover a secret on how to feel better.

When you read Max Lerado book or view it on YouTube , entitled “You Are Special”, you’ll realise how special you are and will be saying along with Punchinello, a wooden person in a village of wooden people, “I feel better now!”

The villagers had the practice of sticking stars on achievers and dots on strugglers. Punchinello had so many dots that people gave him dots for no reason at all.

“How can I feel better, can anyone help me feel better” he cried. When he met Eli, his maker, Eli affirmed him, telling him to disregard the opinions of others. “I made you,” explained Eli, “and I don’t make mistakes.” Punchinello had never heard such words. Every time he heard these words, his dots dropped off.

Whether we like it or not we humans do the same thing as the village of wooden people in this story.

Many of us affirm the achievers and degrade the strugglers. So often we depend on others to give us a sense of self-worth and when we are not affirmed and constantly feel put down, we can find ourselves crying like Punchinello, “Can anyone help me feel better?”

Max Lerado’s beautiful story portrays to us how much our maker, Creator God, loves us and thinks we are all special. It’s called unconditional love – it does not depend on what we do but on His love and grace.

Watch this short video and you’ll discover how much God loves you. Yes, you!!



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