Prayer to break from family weaknesses


We all have family weaknesses. This prayer will enable you to put off the works of darkness and put on the Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 13:12&14). The phrase put on Christ means to figuratively clothe oneself with the Lord Jesus Christ to reveal the glory of God to the world.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for dying not only for my sins, but for my iniquities also. Lord Jesus, I submit myself to You today in unreserved obedience. I forgive the sins of whoever first opened the door to the iniquity back in my family line.

In Your Name, Jesus, I renounce all perversity and depravity in my (father’s) ___ lineage and my (mother’s) ___ lineage. And my spouse’s _____ lineage.

I cut off all iniquity and declare that the blood of Jesus now stands as a wall of separation, between myself and my father and mother. And that the blood of Jesus stands between myself and my grandparents on both sides.

I also declare that the blood of Jesus stands between myself and my great Grandparents on both sides. And my great, great Grandparents on both sides.

Break free from family weaknesses – Iniquitous pattern of incorrect belief

In Jesus’ mighty Name, I break off and close down the iniquitous pattern of incorrect belief. I confess and renounce anything that would keep my family from seeing the truth. Such as the sin of pride, stubbornness, rebellion and deception. Doubt, unbelief and all idolatry known and unknown.

I ask for forgiveness and in Your Name, Jesus, I renounce all ungodly altars. Ceremonial and ritual practices and acts, all involvement and contact with secret societies and false religions. The occult and witchcraft in every form, which have been practiced by myself, my family and ancestors.

I repent, renounce and release myself from all word curses spoken by me, over me or over any of my ancestors.

I break and render powerless and release myself from every spell, curse, blood covenant or vow from the preceding generations.

I ask for forgiveness and in Your Name, Jesus, I break all deceptive and destructive patterns through the occult or witchcraft in me and my families’ lives. Such as being accident prone, infertility, divorce and family alienation. Continual financial insufficiency and the loss of advancement.

Behavioral iniquities

In Your Name, Jesus, render powerless and break the generational cycle of every behavioral iniquity known or unknown. The addictive patterns of thievery, smoking, alcohol, gambling, and drugs and their destructive side effects.

Break free from family weaknesses – sexual iniquities

I confess, repent and renounce all unclean sexual iniquities which have been practiced by me, or in my family bloodline. The attraction to the same sex, incest, pornography, bestiality, promiscuity, illegitimacy, adultery and abortions.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, I now cut off all the effects of these sins, known and unknown, including all ungodly soul ties.

Physical iniquity

In Jesus’ name, I release myself from every physical iniquity, including all genetic disorders resulting in related diseases and conditions.

I pray that You would heal every physical and emotional destructive cellular memory, right through to my DNA. Father, I ask You to work a creative miracle and restore my genes to how You originally designed them.

I claim healthy cells, organs and body systems and command my genes to be made whole in Jesus’ Name. I cancel and release myself from the curse of any repeated and chronic sicknesses. Untimely death and any effects of war in my family bloodline.

Break free from family weaknesses emotional iniquities

I ask for forgiveness and in the name of Jesus, close down all emotional iniquities, including any mental or emotional breakdowns. All the effects of injustice, unhealed emotional wounds, trauma and shame.

I repent for all unforgiveness my family has held against others in regard to all forms of abuse.

I put a stop to the generational cycle of shame, an unloving spirit, and a spirit of self-rejection. I also put a stop to generational rebellion, self-righteousness, pride, selfishness, jealousy, guilt, grief. Control, manipulation, unforgiveness, resentment, anger, depression, anxiety, fear and paranoia.

I cancel every assignment of darkness through the sins of my former generations and remove every legal right of the demonic. They will no longer trouble me and my family. As they have now been removed and erased through the Blood of Jesus.

In Your Name, Jesus, I command every familiar spirit to leave now.

Thank You, Jesus that Your blood has answered Satan’s accusations and that they have now been silenced against me and my family.


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