Different parenting styles and hats


Parenting can be a challenge in this chaotic world! Parenting plan with different parenting styles. This article gives different parenting styles and is ideal for new parents. It will help to guide parents in parenting styles to wearing different hats for different stages in a child’s life.

This article by Gary Mac is ideal for new parents. It will help to guide parents in wearing different hats for different stages in a child’s life – Offering different parenting styles.

Parenting is seasonal and sequential and with every new season parents need to change hats. Parenting styles, ideas and tips…

No one can parent a six month old baby the way they parent a teenager. This may sound overly simplistic but it is incredible how many parents seem to suffer from lack of clarity when it comes to the season they are in and the style of parenting it demands.

The Nurse Hat

When your little bundle of joy comes home there is no chance they will steal the car, take illicit drugs, or start hanging out with a bad crowd. There is just a lot of sleeping, eating and awake time when you would like to be sleeping. This phase of parenting lays a strong foundation within a child of deep security, safety and connectedness to parents. There are a lot of tricks that can make this season a little easier but every family needs to find their own equilibrium of what works for them.

The Disciplinarian Hat

No one can deny that there is a point when a child’s own independent WILL starts to really kick in. This is usually around the time when they start walking but it varies from child to child. This is when the real work of parenting begins in earnest.

Some kids are incredibly compliant and require very little in the way of correction in order to learn to respect and honour the authority of a parent. However, many others are incredibly WILFUL and so (like it or not) it JUST WILL be a battle of the WILLS for a few really important years. Of course parents will be wearing the Teachers Hat a lot during this season too but it is often a surprise to a lot of people how much focus must be on discipline during the toddler season. Any child who does not learn to honour and

The Teacher Hat

In a world of hard core internet >pornography easily streamed in high definition to a phone handset, parents need to step up and teach their kids about life early. As a child graduates out of the toddler season and into what is meant to be the innocence of childhood. The parenting hat needs to read TEACHER more than any other during this season.

Child hood is when parents can fill kids up with wisdom and understanding about what lies ahead. In the years getting closer to the teen years parenting ought to be full of discussions about what to expect as a teenager and how to handle every situation. One of the best things you can do for your child is involve them in serving the community and expose them (in measured fashion) to society fall outs.

The Coach Hat

It is very difficult to play ‘catch up’ on past seasons once a child hits puberty. If a parent fails to teach a toddler to honour authority and how to be respectful in disagreements the teen years can be tough for everyone. If parents fail to teach their kids about the real world and expose them to the real ‘fallout’ firsthand, teens can be unprepared to face the very real challenges and temptations of the season of youth.

The lead up to seasons is vital but so too is the HAT change of parenting into the teen years. Teens simply do not need their parents primarily wearing the DISCIPLINARY HAT as they face the peer pressures and insecurities of the superficial teen universe. They need the constant encouragement of a COACH who believes in them.

Teens neither need Mum and dad to be wearing the TEACHERS HAT all the time lecturing them on everything. The smart parent will understand the power of older mentors and position their teen around the right people.

The teenage years are that slow journey from childhood or dependence into independence.
It is a time when your teen can rest in the knowledge that you are there to help them succeed in life.

The Friend Hat

Hopefully in all seasons families can remain the very best of friends. However, for any parent there can be nothing greater that to see their child grow to become a functioning, mature and independent adult who they just like to spend time with. Parents need to change Hats here and let their child run their life the way they see fit and just enjoy the friendship.
Hopefully this short article might help you just a little in your parenting journey so when that time eventually comes your kids still like you.

If you weren’t able to effectively change hats in your parenting journey and now feel guilty, struggling to know how to handle your child’s behaviour.
God loves you and has made a wonderful provision to remove all your guilt and shame.

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