Crave for something more – satisfy cravings


Do you crave for chocolates? What do you crave? Crave coffee, power, or sex? Are you merely riding along a roller coaster ride, grasping tight through ups and downs only to meet the next quick thrill? Every human being knows the feeling of the pangs in our hearts when it desperately craves something – whether it be a deep-fried cheesecake, a cigarette, a promotion, or a relationship. Are such cravings a means to an end? And, once these cravings are met, does one experience fullness? Or does it bring a greater desire for something more?

Crave for something more

What you want only appeases until the next desire

Demanding more will only lead you to aspire

To another adventure because you’re bored

Hoping it would strike a pleasant cord

It’s a ploy to get you wanting more

When you swore that you would close that door

But you turned around and took another glance

And fell back into the trance

May be the hole that you’re trying to fill

With a small pill or a quick thrill

Can only come from one source

Bring contentment and fulfilment of course

Jesus died to fill the hole

Help you start afresh and make you whole

How does he do that you may ask

And be the real thing and not just a masque

He comes to live within the spirit man

Helps you overcome the crave – yes he can!

Adapted from ‘Satisfy Cravings’.

If you have a greater desire for something more Jesus can satisfy your cravings.

Do you crave for something more? Watch this video and see how Jesus can satisfy the crave you have for something more!

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