Changed Lives

Changed lives- Healed From the Effects of Emotional and Physical Abuse

The stories of changed lives were written by those who want to share the goodness of God with you.

When I came to Bill and Wilma Watson I was contemplating suicide. The pain and fatigue of M. E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis – a post viral illness) were taking their toll. This was the price I was paying for a lifetime of physical and emotional abuse.

I was an unwanted child, born out of wedlock. When I was three years old, I gained a step-father who had been a prisoner of war. His pent up anger was vented on me, resulting in years of physical and emotional abuse.

The abuse was such that I had to wear long-sleeved clothing to school to cover the bruises. My mother lived with the fear that if she showed any affection towards me, she too may also become a victim of abuse. In my search for love, I was drawn to friends of the family who sexually abused me.

I continued to repeat this familiar pattern of being abused. I left my first husband after eight years of being beaten every time he consumed alcohol.

A second chance!

My second husband also only knew a life full of rejection and abuse. The grief and pain of the past was causing us to destroy each other, our marriage and our children.

Bill and Wilma helped me release those who hurt me and the patterns that had ruled my life were broken. My husband saw my improved health and the transformation in my life and chose to forgive also.

The result was a restored marriage. We are now learning to forgive whatever grievances we have against one another and walk in harmony. With the newly-found love and peace in our home, the children no longer seek to gain attention through fighting, arguing and temper tantrums; their school work also improved, along with their social interaction with others. (Name withheld)

Set free from fear and anxiety

I was very nervous, but Bill and Wilma soon made to feel at ease! I explained to them that I didn’t know why I was anxious, as I had no obvious reason to feel anxious at this point in my life. However, due to the anxiety, I felt compelled to avoid attending social events.

After recalling the events of my childhood, I began to see how the trauma of a life-threatening events had left me fearful. Also, neither my husband nor I handled the death of our two children well. He left me, grieving, for another woman. The trauma and rejection hurt as much as real physical pain.

Since then, fear of rejection ruled my life and affected my relationships. I worried about not meeting people’s approval and I was so anxious when I was with people.

Wilma explained what she does when she is afraid. She said, “I read a promise in the Bible that says, “For I, the Lord God, will hold your right hand, saying to you, ‘Fear not, I will help you.” (Isaiah 41:13) So now, every time I feel afraid, I say to myself: “I’m taking hold of the hand of Creator God and I don’t have to be afraid, for He will help me.”

After prayer, I felt like a different person. The trauma, pain and rejection of the past had left and I felt loved by God and at peace. (Name withheld)

Changed lives – Set free from Porn Addiction

When I was growing up, I would hide under my parent’s bed to escape from their fighting. Under my Dad’s side I found pornographic magazines. When I looked at the magazines, I found that I could escape the harshness of reality.

As I grew older, I bought my own magazines, downloaded screen savers onto my computer and spent hours viewing pornographic sites.

I would tell my friends, “I’m not hurting anyone. I’m just appreciating the natural beauty of the female body.” But I became addicted to lustful thoughts, and it began to affect my relationships.

“Who am I?” A simple question: but one that led me, for eight intense years, through a complex maze of divorce and then separation from my second partner.

I decided I needed help as it was evident that my pornography addiction had played a major role in the loss of those I loved – leaving me in constant emotional pain!

Bill and Wilma Watson did not judge; rather, l felt loved and accepted as I shared my story. They prayed to God for me, broke the generational pattern and I was set free. (Name withheld)

Overcame Alcohol and Drug Addiction

I was thirteen years of age when my parents were divorced, and I witnessed my only sister die in a car accident. The combination of these two events led me into years of escapism through sex, alcohol and drugs.

When I was twenty-two years of age, having had a child, I thought my years of unhappiness had ended when I married. The marriage lasted only weeks! I then discovered that I was pregnant to the man I had totally trusted in marriage, but who had betrayed me.

Struggling with the emotions of the past, combined with the responsibility of raising two children alone, proved too much for me and in my desperation, I sought to find peace of mind through alcohol, drugs and therapy.

It wasn’t until I met Bill and Wilma that I found real peace. They prayed for me and helped me deal with the pain of the past. God set me free from my addictions and I now have hope for the future.

Healed of back pain

I was wakeboarding and determined to stand up at my first attempt. As the boat began to pull me through the water, suddenly something in my lower back went; I felt it go and knew it wasn’t good.

Following that day and over the next two and half years I’ve had pain in my lower back on the left hand side, above my hip. Subsequently I’ve seen doctors, physios and osteopaths. All have made my lower back feel better for a time. However, every time I played sport or worked out in the gym my muscles would spasm and I would be in continual pain again.

Bill and Wilma taught me about the effects of trauma and how God can heal us. As I was prayed for I felt as though something was happening in my lower back, it was getting warm.

Weeks later I haven’t felt one niggle or one sign of any pain in my lower back at all. I have been so surprised; I was even sceptical, thinking the next day it might come back when I worked out. But I am totally healed – all the pain is gone, and I am thanking Jesus every day!


Overcame Depression

I was suffering from severe depression following years of sexual and physical abuse. Having had suicidal thoughts I was desperate to find relief from the pain, fear and mental torment that plagued me.

I was not a religious person but cried out to God for help. Bill and Wilma helped me forgive the person who traumatised me. They then asked Jesus to heal me of all the pain of the past. I felt God’s love and an amazing peace come over me. It was as if a load that I had been carrying for years had lifted off me.

I later discovered that the incest pattern was generational – my close relative had been molested by my grandfather. With this knowledge Bill and Wilma prayed for me again, broke all generational patterns over my life. I feel free, thank you Jesus! (Name withheld)

Healed of Rejection

“When my father told me that he didn’t love me, it is like the final blow that confirmed my feelings of rejection. It was not until I was older that I understood why my father hated me so. As well as having difficulty overcoming his guilt, he found that my strong will and rebellious personality riled him. No one, not even his wife, could question his authority.

Since I felt I could not ever please my father, I decided at the age of ten, to please myself regardless of the consequences.

My school years reflected my rejection. Being an immigrant from Holland at an early age, I struggled to be understood and accepted. Having failed most of my grades and having regularly run away from home, I was placed in an institution for wayward girls.

When I was twenty years of age I met and married a lovely man. It appeared that there was some reprieve from the endless pain. At last, I could be accepted and loved. But within a short time, I had had several operations and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Determined not to be in a wheelchair, I crawled around the house to attend to my small child, forcing myself to do exercises religiously, despite the pain.

I found myself crying out to God: “I cannot go on”! I then heard an audible voice, “Forgive them!” I feared to question God, so instantly I forgave my dad and others who rejected me, and peace filled my heart. From then on, I began to recover. I later gained full health when Bill and Wilma Watson prayed for me. ” (Name withheld)

No longer stressed

I’m tired of feeling tired. I’m tired of the stress of juggling money, marriage, parenting, home­making, and a career all at the same time. The more I stress, the worse I feel. In fact, I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!

“Sorry for being so negative, but I’m just telling you how I feel,” I explained. Bill and Wilma were very understanding. They listened, so I went on. It hasn’t always been like that. Life was good! I had what most Australians dream of – a wonderful husband, two healthy, intelligent children, a dream home and a good job. Last year though we made a bad financial decision, and my world came tumbling down. We lost our home and the stress of it all has affected my health.

I was shown how I could be affected emotionally and physically by not releasing myself and the one who hurt me in forgiveness. I was amazed; the pain in my body went as soon as I forgave myself and the person who stole our money!

It was explained to me that stress is like carrying a heavy load around all the time. I had to release the load and give it to God. I had to release my finances, husband, children, and job over to God for Him to help me. (Name withheld)

God’s healing grace

Steve has been helping build Bill and Wilma’s front fence. Frank made it clear from the start that he didn’t want to hear about religion.

The next day Steve told Bill that he had just been to the Dr and needed surgery on his hand. Bill shared with Steve how he prayed for a man who was to have an operation.

As this man was being wheeled into surgery the nurse assured him that he was in good hands. “I know “, said the man pointing to Heaven and indicating that God was in control of the surgeon’s hands. For that was according to Bill’s prayer. When the time came for this gentleman to get the stitches out the Doctor took off the dressing and in amazement asked, “Who has touched these stitches”. “Why”, asked the man, “I haven’t touched the dressing since the surgery!” The Surgeon couldn’t believe what he saw for the stitches were gone and the wound was perfectly healed. “It must have been God”, explained the client.

Upon hearing the story, Steve was ready to be receive healing from God! Bill and Wilma took hold of his hands and commanded them to be healed in Jesus’ name. The next morning Steve was amazed as the pain had gone.

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