Life changing examples

Changed Lives Stories

Kate and Denym Noke struggled in their relationship with God and with each other. “We had a very difficult seven years of marriage. It seemed like it got harder as the years went by and we saw little hope of it ever getting better. The teaching from Bill and Wilma was life-changing as we have seen such a huge improvement in our marriage. The anxiety that Kate suffered for years has gone and our 3 year old daughter has been totally healed of gluten intolerance through the prayers we prayed during the teaching.”

Gold Coast Healing Rooms

Gold Coast Healing Rooms is a confidential, safe place for all people to come and receive one on one prayer to the only True, Creator God. has been redirected to website. Both have been produced by the Directors of Gold Coast Healing Rooms, Bill and
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buddah asks for forgiveness

Buddhist finds forgiveness

My story of how I found forgiveness for all I had done wrong. As a Buddhist I was taught Buddha’s teaching.  My story of how I found forgiveness for all I had done wrong.  According to Buddha’s teaching, a man who will go to Heaven is one who has no sin at all. I knew that was impossible
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Buddhist Beliefs

Buddhist Beliefs – my story

As a Buddhist I followed the Buddhist beliefs and believed in Karma. My Buddhist beliefs led me to be very devoted to Buddha’s teachings. I wanted to follow Buddha and his ways and believed in reincarnation, but I longed to break the cycle. My story… Buddhist Beliefs / My Story I grew up in a
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How do I break free from a bad relationship?

Healed of Rejection

How to Overcome Rejection When my father told me that he didn’t love me, it was like the final blow that confirmed my feelings of rejection. It was not until I was older that I understood why my father hated me so. As well as having difficulty overcoming his guilt, he found that my strong will
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How do I stop being so hard on myself?

Set Free From Fear And Anxiety

How to Overcome Anxiety without Medication I was very nervous about attending the Gold Coast Healing Rooms, but was soon made to feel at ease by the beautiful, loving people there. I explained to them that I didn’t know why I was anxious, as I had no obvious reason to feel anxious at this point
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Overcame Depression

How to Help With Depression Without Meds I was suffering from severe depression following years of sexual and physical abuse. Having had suicidal thoughts I was desperate to find relief from the pain, fear and mental torment that plagued me. Tired of being Depressed I was not a religious person
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Sick and Tired

No Longer Stressed

Stress / How to Relieve Physical Pain from Stress I’m tired of feeling tired. I’m tired of the stress of juggling money, marriage, parenting, housework, and a career all at the same time. The more I stress, the worse I feel. In fact I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired! “Sorry for being
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Why do I feel so stressed, anxious and sometimes depressed?

Set Free From Porn Addiction

How to Overcome Porn Addiction When I was growing up, I would hide under my parent’s bed to escape from their fighting. Under my Dad’s side I found pornographic magazines. When I looked at the magazines I found that I could escape the harshness of reality. As I grew older, I bought my own
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Healed from the pain of divorce

Divorce / How to Stop Feeling Angry and Hurt “I hear that you can help those who have been traumatised?” I asked. Without taking a breather I continued, “I have been divorced twice and I can’t seem to put the hurt behind me and move on.” Tired of being hurt I felt comfortable and relaxed as I
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How do I break free from a bad habit?

Overcame Alcohol and Drug Addition

How to Overcome Alcohol and Drug Addition I was thirteen years of age when my parents were divorced and I witnessed my only sister die in a car accident. The combination of these two events led me into years of escapism through sex, alcohol and drugs. Tired of feeling trapped when I was
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How do I let go of past hurts?

How to Overcome Emotional and Physical Abuse

When I came to Bill and Wilma Watson, Directors of Gold Coast Healing Rooms, I was contemplating suicide. The pain and fatigue of M. E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis – a post viral illness) were taking their toll. This was the price I was paying for a lifetime of physical and emotional abuse.
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