As a Buddhist I followed the Buddhist beliefs and believed in Karma. My Buddhist beliefs led me to be very devoted to Buddha’s teachings. I wanted to follow Buddha and his ways and believed in reincarnation, but I longed to break the cycle. My story…

I grew up in a Thai-Chinese family, in which I was taught Buddhist beliefs. I was naturally a Buddhist, and became very devoted to Buddhist beliefs and Buddha’s teachings. Because I believed in reincarnation, I wanted to follow Buddha’s way of getting out of that cycle.

My friend from university, who also is now my sister-in-law, went to live in Australia where she became a Christian. It raised many questions in my mind. I wondered why she’d made that decision, or perhaps if she’d been influenced by others.

I came to Australia to study

My friend and her relatives, who I lived with, were all Christian. The more we discussed Christianity, the more questions I had and the more I thought I couldn’t accept it as true. I knew that if I accepted everything about Jesus, it meant that everything I’d invested to earn merit in Buddhism, was worth nothing.

There was a lot of information about Jesus available to me at that time, particularly the historical evidences and medical reliability for the records of Him in the Bible, and these things helped me accept He is real.

I had been told that Jesus came to live and die on the cross just to cleanse our sins. That was very hard to believe for a devout Buddhist, because of our belief in karma. Karma ensures that when you do good things, you’ll receive goodness in return, and if you do bad or sin, you’ll receive badness in return.

A new understanding

No one can help you out with their own goodness, or erase your sins, because karma is a law. Therefore, the idea that Jesus really came to die for me too, was the hardest thing for me to believe – it seemed too easy just to accept Jesus, and then your sins would be cleansed.

With my struggle, I knew the only way I could believe it is if I knew God existed, so I prayed to God to ask Him to reveal Himself to me. Not long after my request, I was on the bus to university, and so were the usual people, whom I never talked with. While I had been thinking, the lady who sat behind me suddenly leaned close to me and whispered in my ears the unforgettable words “Jesus loves you.”

Jesus loves me

I was stunned for a while, and then asked her to repeat what she said to me. She said “Jesus loves you” for the second time. I asked her why she told me so. She pointed to the sky and replied, “He told me to say that to you.” It was just amazing to me, because it was what I wanted to know from Him.

One night soon afterwards I asked Jesus to come into my life. Without knowing about my decision, my husband also prayed that night, and asked Jesus into his life. I accepted Jesus Christ with all my heart, soul, and intellect, and my life and attitudes have been changing gradually towards a more biblical view, as I learn more and more.

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