Addicted? The pain behind addiction


Struggling with addiction?  Wilma, the producer of Break Free Today,  was disturbed as she watched a television show on the protection of bears. It appalled her to see how humans treat them!  Thousands of bears in some countries are held captive, restrained in a cage the size of a telephone booth – unable to stand and only able to turn around with difficulty.

Then Wilma got to thinking that we humans can become no different to the caged bears. We can become trapped and addicted, making life hard and painful. We can be held in bondage and slavery to the thing that give short term gratification but also long term misery.

Do you feel restrained and confined, like being in a prison, because of any of the following addictions?

Chemical addiction – alcohol, drugs. Food addictions- an eating disorder. Emotional addiction – emotions can be used either positively or negatively, but if used negatively over a period of time, they can become addictive, e.g., rage, depression, fear, shame, guilt, controlling.

Thought addiction – mental obsession, intellectualizing, detailing. Activity addiction – perfectionism, competitiveness, social media, gambling, excessive working, buying, hoarding, reading, exercising, watching television, playing video games. Sexual addiction – pornography.

 Addicted? Addictions are born in an attempt to cover up painful feelings

Wilma and her husband Bill have helped over 120 addicted men. They came from the prisons and detox hospitals, broken, rejected and traumatized.  Each were extremely grateful for Bill and Wilma’s love, acceptance and compassion.  The majority of these men’s shattered souls were made whole. They became free from their addiction!

How to be set free from addiction

Jesus set’s captives free! The Bible tells us that Jesus came to “release the captives… and deliver those who are oppressed (who are downtrodden, bruised, crushed, and broken down by calamity).”

You are loved unconditionally by God! The Bible says in Romans 5 verse 8 that God loves you as you are and sent Jesus to earth to die for you in order that you could be free from whatever addiction, bondage, restraint or slavery you may find yourself in.

Watch this short video and begin your journey to freedom today.  You can then say, “I was addicted to ______ but now I am free for Jesus will set you free!”

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