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Break Free Today a blog by Bill and Wilma Watson

Bill and Wilma Watson passionately long to see people set free. Not to just know intellectually how much God loves them, but to personally experience His love. They have discovered that people are set free from themselves – from stress, fear and anxiety.

Through their many years of experience they are able to help people be set free from the things that slow them down or hold them back from fulfilling their God-given destiny.

A doctor suggested that about half of his clients would benefit greatly from their teaching.

Bill and Wilma have been missionaries in Ethiopia for many years. They have taught thousands of people nationally and internationally across the various denominations on prayer.  Living on the Gold Coast, Australia, they enjoy walking along the beach and helping people find peace with God. Bill and Wilma have four children and seven grandchildren.

Endorsement: Franklyn and Deanne Elliott, former National Directors of Healing Rooms Australia comments: “We are very impressed and absolutely love how you have mastered simple and yet profound teaching material, which is exactly what is needed!”

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A MUST READ!  Michelle Collins shares God’s goodness in healing her:

I am so thankful for the ministry of Wilma Watson on www.breakfreetoday.org.

I was bleeding for 6 weeks straight.  When I severely haemorrhaged for 24 hours I had to go to the Emergency Department.  After a series of tests, the specialist told me that she could not find anything wrong.  I had been under a lot of stress and so concluded it had to be spiritual.

I was amazed at how God led me to ‘Break Free Today’ on Facebook. After I completed the 11 teaching sessions online, I contacted Wilma through the Gold Coast Healing Rooms website and requested a 1-2-1 meeting.  As I live interstate, Wilma suggested we connect via video on Whatsapp.  We spent an hour on the phone during which Wilma prayed for emotional and physical healing. At the end of the session I knew that I had received a breakthrough.  The very next day the bleeding completely stopped, and I no longer feel so anxious and stressed!  For the first time in 5 years I am feeling hopeful and excited for my future and I don’t have this heavy emotionally dark blanket over me, preventing me from being all that God created me to be.

After having gone through the teaching sessions on www.breakfreetoday.org, if you feel you still need 1-2-1 prayer, email: wilma@breakfreetoday.org