Prayer changes things! What is prayer? Learn how to pray to God, listen to God, have a conversation with God and chat with God.

Prayer is sharing life together with God, as friends

It involves sharing with God your joys, your ups and your downs and your concerns.  The Psalmist prayed: Our LORD, we belong to you. We tell you what worries us, and you won’t let us fall.”  (Psalm 55:22)

To many, prayer seems complicated, but it is simply talking with God like you would a friend.

Watch this video and learn how prayer works.

Excitement of answered prayer!

Children can teach us so much about prayer with their child-like faith. While I was in bed with a seasonal ‘flu’, our oldest daughter Leanne (3) decided to chastise her baby sister (1) who was toddling around the bed and attempting to tip over the bedside table, lamp and all!  I said, “Leanne, don’t hit Carolyn.  Mummy has the job of teaching Carolyn and I will correct her if necessary.”  “Well, Mummy, you aren’t doing a very good job”, Leanne replied, and immediately bowed her head and prayed, “Dear Jesus, please help Mummy to get better quickly so she can look after us! Amen.”

Leanne had a simple faith

I’m sure God answered that prayer, because by the time Leanne was five she believed that nothing was impossible for God. We were purchasing our first home and each time Leanne heard us ask God to help us find the right house, she would add, “and thank you God, for a trailer home too.”  Not wanting to disappoint her, we explained that buying a house was a big thing and perhaps she should just ask God for a house.

Leanne did not give up praying!

She continued to add her request each time we prayed.  On the same day we found the house we wanted, a relative phoned and said they were going away with work for two years and asked us if we would look after their large trailer home. (caravan)  The relatives knew nothing of Leanne’s request to God.  God had answered her!

It is my heart’s desire to see everyone enjoy the excitement of answered prayer. I believe that one of the first requirements is to know, without doubt, that you are loved and accepted by God and that he wants to answer your prayers.

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