About faith in God and what kills your faith


Learn about faith in God and how faith is the key to God’s power.

If faith is the key that taps God’s power, Satan is well aware and will do all in his power to lessen the impact. To this end prayer’s enemy has devised several deadly “faith-killers.” A look at these should help us prepare a counterattack when the enemy approaches.

The first deadly “faith-killer” is man’s reason.

Reason basically means “an explanation of an act” or “good sense” in a matter. Reason kills faith because it demands that everything be carefully explained. Reason kills faith because it demands that everything be carefully explained. Reason wants all the answers.  Reason demands that an experience be logical. Someone has said reason will readily take the place of God’s Word if you let it, for the Word doesn’t appeal to the senses.

The second deadly “faith killer” is the expression, “I hope it all works out.”

If prayer is to be filled with power we must be rid of the expression “hope” in our prayer vocabulary. True, hope is important to the Christian because it looks ahead to future rewards and blessings.  But hope has no real part in present tense prayer.  We must never declare, “I hope God does this or that.” Hope is not faith.  Hope is tomorrow, faith is today. Don’t allow the Ï sure hope it works out”” to rob you of the faith needed to work out your situation.  The enemy would far rather see us hooping than believing.

The third “faith killer” is man’s senses.

It is always easy to believe in things we can see with our eyes. Thomas would not believe Jesus Christ was who He claimed until he saw the nail prints. Only then would he say, “My Lord and my God” (John 21:28).  But what was the Master’s response?  He said, “Blesses are they that have not seen, yet believe.”

Our Lord was making it clear that faith has nothing to do with “sense knowledge.” Sense knowledge involves knowledge that is acquired through the use of our senses.  To believe in Christ following this procedure, a person would need either to touch Jesus, or see Him, smell Him, taste Him or hear Him.  There would be no trust whatsoever in this form of experience.

The most series danger to faith is the next “faith killer,” is doubt.

Leonard Ravenhill reminds us, “Doubt delays and often destroys faith. Faith destroys doubt. The blessed book does not say, ‘All things are possible to him who explains.’  God being who He is will never be explained in time; nor, we think, will He try in eternity to explain either Himself or His ways.”

Mark 9:23 says, ‘ALL things are possible for the one who believes.” Doubt is deadly to faith because it questions God’s promises. In all of Scripture one will never find a single place God promises to answer doubt-filled prayers. Doubt, to be sure, is deadly.

Written by Dick Eastman. Every Home For Christ

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