Is there life after death?  If you knew that you were about to die, would you believe that there was life after death? A true story of how many prepared to face death knowing they could be slaughtered at any moment.

Flying over the mountains of Southern New Zealand reminded me of our time in Ethiopia. The mountains in Ethiopia were high – we lived at 7,500 feet above sea level.  The only access to where we were living was by plane.  Travelling over the mountains was by mule.  Mule, because they are sure footed and kept us from falling down the steep mountain trails.

Seeing the helicopters circling over Queenstown brought back memories of how we were about to be massacred as a family.

We opened an area where they had never heard the gospel. It was five days mule ride from our home. Thousands were delivered out of the powers of darkness and many churches established.



We built an airstrip and flew into the area for a conference.





After the plane left the nationals told us that raiders from another province were on their way with guns to kill them and take their cattle. Why didn’t they had tell us before the plane left?




Now Bill and I, with our two and four-year-old children were 10 days from a road and no communication with the outside world.  To add to the drama of the weekend, after putting up our tent and spending a restless night, we discovered that our two-year-old was missing in the morning. What a relief it was to find her! She had crawled under the tent and had slept outside with all the wild animals, including lions and hyenas.


We went ahead with the conference, making sure that everyone was ready to meet God. Just after we left the raiders came.  Hundreds of those who fled arrived at our door needing food and shelter.  We radioed for a helicopter to take us to the area to see if there were any survivors left who needed medical help. Unfortunately, many did not make it!

Are you ready to meet God?

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