Good news! You can be sure you’ll go to heaven?


This is a question lots of people ask themselves. There is good news! You can be sure I’ll go to heaven!

There is a huge gulf between a Holy, Mighty God and imperfect humans.

The Bible tells us that we all have a sin issue. (cf. Romans 3:23). The good news is that Jesus has made it possible for us to be forgiven of our sin when He died on the cross and rose from the dead.

It may surprise you to learn that a lot of people who come to Bill and Wilma for prayer do not have the assurance that they will go to Heaven when they die. They are not sure if all their sin has been forgiven. Or they are just hoping they will make it!  Can you relate to that? Or maybe you feel like you are good enough to get into heaven, like this man!

Ex-drug trafficker’s testimony

Bill and Wilma prayed with Lucas the day after he was released from prison for drug trafficking. He was asked, “If you died tonight would you go to Heaven?” His answer was an emphatic, “Yes”.

“On what basis?” Bill enquired. Lucas assured Bill that he had not murdered anyone, and he was basically a good person.

Wilma got out her phone

She asked him to read Ephesians 2:8. “For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God”.

The power of God’s Word opened Lucas eyes. He responded, “Oh, so what do I do now?” The ex-prisoner received God’s gift of salvation there and then. What an amazing change occurred in Lucas. He exchanged his hopelessness for inner peace. His was so grateful for he never had a family, but now belonged to God’s family. He was known for his radiate joy!


You, also can be assured today that your sin is forgiven.

Watch this video, “After death. Would you go to heaven?”


If you prayed the prayer on the video from your heart, you can be sure that you are a child of God – part of His family. You believed, received and became a child of God! That is good news!

As a child of God, you will make mistakes, like any child! When you mess up, quickly tell your Heavenly Father that you are sorry.

God loves and accepts you unconditionally! You will grow in your new walk by reading and obeying God’s Word, the Bible. It is important also to connect and learn from other Christians.


Helping you reach your potential.

Wilma can help you in your new journey! She will guide you into all the wonderful things God has for you. Her teaching will fast track your walk with God.

Bill says: ‘If you found it difficult to receive Jesus’ love in this session don’t give up! Keep going for Wilma is good at explaining, in a loving way, possible reasons why people find it hard to receive and experience God’s marvellous love’.


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